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We believe in educating not only our staff and clients, but the entire community.  Starting in the fall of 2018, we are offering a series of FREE public lectures on various mental health topics.  2019 Lectures follow.  These will be held at our clinic in Midland from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Please register here if you will be attending as seating is limited:  



              August 15, 2019- Giftedness-Challenges involving highly intelligent youth.  Lecturer: Erin Smith, Ph.D., LP


              September 12, 2019- Health Sleep Habits.  Lecturer: Kim Schumacher, Ph.D., LP


          October 10, 2019- Screen Time for Youth: What's healthy and what's not?  Lecturer: Sarah Pettit,    Ph.D., LP


          November 13, 2019 (Wednesday)- Antepartum and Postpartum Depression.  Lecturer: Felix Smith, Ph.D., LP


          December 12, 2019- Self-injury in Youth.  Lecturer: Erin Smith, Ph.D., LP


          January 9, 2020- Doesn't every couple do this? Recognizing Unhealthy Relationship Patters. Lecturer: Angela Dubois, MA, LLP &

                  Ann Marie Shibley, LLMSW


          February 13, 2020-Relationship Roadmap: Navigating the Journey of Successful Partnerships.  Lecturer: Angela Dubois, MA, LLP &

                  Ann Marie Shibley, LLMSW


          March 12, 2020- Managing Bipolar Disorder.  Lecturer: Karen Stanley-Kime, Ph.D., LP, ABPP


          April 9, 2020- Mindfulness in Daily Life.  Lecturer: Anita Richards, LMSW


          May 14, 2020- Adolescents and Substance Abuse.  Lecturer: Erin Smith, Ph.D., LP


           June 11, 2020- Healing Chronic Pain through the Brain: The New Science in the Treatment of Pain. Lecturer: Molly Clore, MS, LLP


          July 9, 2020- Military Culture and the Effects of War on Family.  Lecturer: Zak Jaime, LMSW

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Please contact us at 989-832-2165 or email if you are interested in enrolling.  Space is limited, so please enroll early.

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